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Terms and condition

1. Definitions.
  1. In this agreement the company means Bizarre Global marketing Systems Ltd.
  2. The member means the person named in this agreement.
  3. The products means tangible or intangible products or services provided by the company in accordance with membership Registration or in accordance with terms and conditions applied by the company in its course of business
  4. Terms and conditions mean interactions produce by the company in time to time.
2. The company reserves the right to change and modify any administration, service, processing, forwarding or terms and conditions regarding its business or membership distribution or its business with members.
3. Terms and Conditions.
  1. The Applicant or member must be a citizen of India and completed 18years of age at the terms of application.
  2. The Applicant or member should have the responsibility to prove his/her identity if required.
  3. The Applicant or member should have the responsibility to produce PAN card and related documents on requires and of request.
  4. Company should not be responsible for any losses or damages or delays in transactions on request.
  5. The company reserves the right to reject or deny application for membership without showing any reasons.
  6. The member will be responsible for his/her decision and expenditure in carried by him/her on the products of the company.
  7. The member will not entitle to any payment for training or aid given by him/her to any other members or persons.
  8. The members not at any time manner suggest or imply that he or she is in employments or in pint venture or in partnership or a legal representatives of the company.
  9. The members are not entitled to collect cash or monetary materials on behalf of the company or are not entitled to do such and related transactions on behalf of the company.
  10. The applicant for memberships or members are requested to pay membership fee or any other payments to the company through Bank account transaction or either by DD.
  11. Dealing is encouraged by the company.
  12. Any member at any time of point shall not collect cash from any other members or applicants on behalf of the company.
  13. Cash or payment collected by members is on his/her responsibility and company should not be responsible for any damages or losses incurred by such transactions.
  14. An applicant is directed to submit his/her application fee or any payments through Bank a/c or DD only.
  15. At any time of point if found violating the terms and condition of the company, any members found doing misconduct of business terms and conditions or instruction given by the company in time, his/her membership will be canceled or terminated or suspended by the company.
  16. Any membership in suspension or termination should not be eligible any kind of authority to be in business on behalf of company and company reserve the right to do any actions it including the following ones. Not release of payments of commission\ incentive \ performance bonus, rewards etc. Not allow him/her to attend conference or meetings etc,. Prevent him/her from doing any business or transaction with the company.
  17. A suspended or terminated member can appeal to the executive committee of the company for his/her re-registration or re-entry as the member of company.
  18. All decisions of executive committee will be effective from immediate point of time
Members cannot change their first team node without proper permission from their team leaders and company executive board. If found any member changed their team node without permission company will take action against the member including freezing their membership accounts and will stop all transactions.
All members are allowed to participate in any company programs with their team identity and team label only.
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